1v1 International Soccer Federation

1v1 International Soccer Federation


Welcome to the official website of the 1v1 International Soccer Federation.

It is the 1v1 ISF - 1v1 International Soccer Federation’s mission to introduce and spread the sport of 1v1 soccer all over the world. We are encouraging local, regional and national tournaments under the 1v1 ISF Laws of the Game. 

Our main objective is threefold:

  1. Annual National Championships
  2. International Championships leading to a world champion at the 1v1 World Cup.
  3. Olympic Gold Medalist sport by the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

To facilitate these goals, the 1v1 ISF founders and body are fully complying with the IOC - International Olympic Committee’s rules and regulations for establishing an international federation body and the national associations that support the federation.

1v1 Soccer is its own independent sport officially established in 2010.  Tournaments have been successfully held in Asia, North America and Europe since that time.  We are setting up 1v1 National Associations in the USA, England, Indonesia, Singapore and Egypt during the remainder of 2015.


We encourage co-operation in all 207 Olympic participating countries in establishing national associations with partners who have the same vision of the 1v1 ISF Board of Members.

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