1v1 International Soccer Federation

The Laws of the Game


Law 1: Goal

A goal is scored when the ball touches any cone during the run of play. The ball must have been touched while in bounds in the playing area for the goal to stand.

Law 2: Scoring Area

A goal can only be scored by the attacker inside the defending player’s half of the field identified by one color of marker.

Law 3: Fouls

Any foul committed at any time results in a penalty kick. No slide tackling is allowed.

Law 4: Penalty Kick

The ball placed on the center point of the court and is taken as a free shot at the cones

Law 5: Out of Bounds

The ball is started at the point of exit or anywhere behind that point of exit by dribbling in. Once the ball touches the line it is in play and ‘live’.

Law 6: Time Limit

3 rounds of 3 minutes with 1 minute break between rounds.

Law 7: Draw/Tie

In the event of a draw (even score at the end of regulation time), the match goes into SpeedGoal mode where the next goal ends the match.

Law 8: Age

Adult Tournaments are 17 years and above. Children's Tournaments are 16 and below where it is required to have each player participate in his/her year age group.

Law 9: Referees

All decisions are made at the referee’s discretion and the referee’s decisions are final.

Law 10: Sportsmanship

All 1v1 players are expected to maintain the highest standards of sportsmanship, competition, and self-discipline that the 1v1 ISF promotes and upholds. Should a player lose emotional control and behave in a manner inconsistent with the 1v1 ISF culture then the player will be removed from the tournament. Red and Yellow Cards are used exactly as FIFA referees are required to use them.

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