1v1 International Soccer Federation

1v1 Soccer Tournaments

Adhika Ezra Champion of the 11 year old age group - Senayan GOR National Training Center - September 2012. Future National Champion?
We are encouraging local, regional and national tournaments under the 1v1 ISF Laws of the Game.

You will experience one of the newest official sports in the sports world recognized and sanctioned by the 1v1 International Soccer Federation. 1v1 Soccer takes the best two parts of Association Football (Soccer) and combines them – Dribbling & Goals.

At it's core, 1v1 is about self-reliance and self-empowerment.  It is a game of high skill and agility based on superb touch and ball mastery.  The entire responsibility is on the individual, with no one to pass the ball away to when under pressure, the 1v1 player must learn to control the ball, trick the opponent and score.

The rules and regulations are very simple so please go to the 1v1 Rules & Regulations page and read the Laws of the Game.

1v1 is the best version of soccer since the regular FIFA 11-a-side game was invented. It is the ultimate in Proof of Skill apparent to all.