1v1 International Soccer Federation

1v1 Soccer Tournaments

We are encouraging local, regional and national tournaments under the 1v1 ISF Laws of the Game.

You will experience one of the newest official sports in the sports world recognized and sanctioned by the 1v1 International Soccer Federation. 1v1 Soccer takes the best two parts of Association Football (Soccer) and combines them – Dribbling & Goals.

At it's core, 1v1 is about self-reliance and...


Regional 1v1 Soccer Tournaments are being held regularly in the following countries.

1.)  Indonesia

2.)  England

3.)  USA



  • National 1v1 Tournaments are currently in the planning stages for the USA, England and Indonesia.  We are seeking national champions from...


The 1v1 International Soccer Tournament will invite all 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Place medalist from each country to compete for the world title in 2016 in Dubai, UAE. The ultimate winner will be crowned the undisputed World Champion of 1v1 Soccer.